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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will it cost me anything to use the services provided by Best Law firm?

A: It will not cost you anything to file a claim if you have suffered personal injury under the negligence of your employer. All of the services provided by an experienced maratime attonrey will come from the resulting settlement from the case, so you won't have to pay until you win!

Q: How long until I see my settlement?
A: The legal process has no determining how long it will take, for it could be a short ordeal or a long one, depending on your facts and on the defense of the accused or responsible party. Your attorney should do his or her best to expedite the court process so that a possible settlement may arrive quicker, but be advised that concise records of the event and proper legal representation can help make the case move much faster.

Q: Am I going to have to go to trial?
A: About 80% of these types are cases are settled without you ever having to step foot inside a courtroom. As your legal representation, we will take care of such matters for you, so you in your injured state need not bother with court appearances or any of the trouble that comes with that. We work our hardest to give you the justice you deserve without all the hassles of the process.

Q: How will I ever cover my healthcare and medical costs without work or the aid from a settlement?
A: During the time of filing a case and the legal process thereafter, many turn to the help of social security to cover their medical and life expenses. Of course a nice cash settlement would help ease the financial burden put in place by personal injuries, but until that time we will help you get by with your current situation by contacting government services that are willing to help you during your current situation.

Q: If I sue, will I be blacklisted?
A: One of the biggest concerns of working filing a claim for compensation or even hiring an attorney is that they may be blacklisted or blackballed by their industry. Although this has happened in the past, those who file claims have rights protecting them from becoming blacklisted by employers who themselves are at fault. Only those who produce exaggerated and slanted claims, and who also have a history of submitting multiple claims in the past, are known for being blacklisted by the employers in their industry. You cannot be blacklisted if you submit a valid, lawful claim with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to get the compensation you deserve.

Q: Can I continue to work while I have a claim?
A: While you may work while you have a claim, we strongly urge you not to until you have been cleared to do so by your own independent doctor. You can make your injuries worse by returning to work before you have been instructed to do so. Should I make an accident report? If so, when? You should absolutely file a report. Maritime law requires that you file a report within 7 days of the accident. However, if you have not filled out a report within 7 days, that does not bar you from making a claim. You should still file a claim as soon as possible. If you are concerned about some of the questions in the report, or feel as though you do not want to fill it out yourself, you should contact a lawyer to help you.

Q: Do I have to give a tape recorded statement?
A: You do not have to give your employer or their insurance company a tape recorded statement. In fact, we strongly urge you not to make any tape recorded statements as those statements can be used against you in a settlement or trial. What kind of information do law firms require? There are a number of factors that can effect the length and viability of a claim. Some information is time sensitive. You should get statements from co-workers regarding the accident as soon as possible, and be sure to have their contact information. You should also bring a copy of the record you filed, unless your attorney is helping you with it.

Q: Can I choose my own doctor, or do I have to use the doctor the insurance company gives me?
A: You have the right to choose your own doctor. Your employer or insurance company may wish to send you to their doctor. However, we suggest that you find your own doctor who will have your best interests in mind. If you need help finding a doctor, you can always ask your lawyer.

Q: Will someone from the insurance company follow me?
A: It is not common practice for an insurance company to hire someone to follow you. However, if you decide to file a lawsuit, your lawyer can determine if someone has been hired to follow you.


What do you do in the event of an accident or injury?

If you or someone you know has been injured offshore, the first step to take is to immediately seek professional legal representation. The company you work for will hire their own investigators and legal team to investigate your injury to prove you were at fault. Before you talk to anyone else you need to speak to a qualified attorney that has an expertise in Maritime and Admiralty Law. Your attorney will help you receive the compensation you deserve and get you the money to cover your medical expenses and lost wages. The Best Law can help you formulate a solid case backed up by years of experience and knowledge in offshore and maritime law. So, contact us now for a free consultation to see if you may be entitled to make a claim. If your accident happened on a rig, vessel or anywhere over water you could have a claim! Before you talk to anyone else contact an attorney.

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