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As personal injury attorneys, we are focused on our clients and making sure they are properly compensated for their injuries. When you are injured due to the negligence of others you can depend on experienced representation from the Best Law Firm. We have been representing clients for over 30 years. Below are just a few of the substantial verdicts and settlements we were able to obtain for our clients:

$ 22,400,000 - jury verdict - legal malpractice
$ 12,000,000 - settlement - oilfield head injury
$ 10,000,000 - settlement - oilfield pelvic injury
$ 6,000,000 - settlement - oilfield head injury
$ 5,900,000 - settlement - oilfield head injury
$ 5,500,000.00 settlement for a 26 year old Jones Act drilling vessel roustabout with
     cervical, lumbar, and shoulder injuries with associated complex regional pain
     syndrome. (April 2012)
$ 4,613,000 - jury verdict - for a single level lumbar fusion in a 43 yr old offshore
      platform worker.
$ 4,500,000 - settlement - oilfield spinal injury
$ 4,300,000 - settlement - secondhand paint/chemical exposure fetal injury
$ 4,200,000 - jury verdict - oilfield cervical spine injury
$ 4,040,000.00 settlement for a single level cervical fusion involving a Jones Act
      drilling vessel 46 year old rig mechanic (April 2012)
$ 1,800,000 - jury verdict - oilfield back injury
$ 1,300,000 - settlement - ship ladder slip and fall/ankle injury

If you are injured offshore or on a boat, ship, rig or platform, we are ready to assist you with your case. When you are injured offshore it is important that you fully understand your rights under the laws like the Jones Act, the Longshoremen and Harbor Worker's Compensation Act and general maritime law.
We have represented clients in cases against companies such as BP, Oceaneering, Transocean, Sea Mar, ENSCO, Murphy Oil, and Hercules to name a few. You may think it will be difficult to fight a large company, but with the help of the Best Law Firm you have a powerful partner on your team.

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What do you do in the event of an accident or injury?

If you or someone you know has been injured offshore, the first step to take is to immediately seek professional legal representation. The company you work for will hire their own investigators and legal team to investigate your injury to prove you were at fault. Before you talk to anyone else you need to speak to a qualified attorney that has an expertise in Maritime and Admiralty Law. Your attorney will help you receive the compensation you deserve and get you the money to cover your medical expenses and lost wages. The Best Law can help you formulate a solid case backed up by years of experience and knowledge in offshore and maritime law. So, contact us now for a free consultation to see if you may be entitled to make a claim. If your accident happened on a rig, vessel or anywhere over water you could have a claim! Before you talk to anyone else contact an attorney.

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